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      Silver3D ABS-SP40 is an upgraded ABS, with improved layer adhesion and less warpage and compatible with all kinds of professional and industrial FDM/FFF printers. Moreover, it features better mechanical properties than ABS-M30, from a well-known brand.

                                                      技术参数表TDS                                                                           物质安全表MSDS


      银禧的ABS-FR0是一款改性ABS阻燃材料,具有UL94V0级阻燃,可用于打印功能性原型和生产零件。 这种材料是打印电气外壳,连接器等零件的理想选择。

      Silver3D's ABS-FR0 is a modifiedABS with UL94 V0 flame retardant, which can be used to print functional prototypes and production parts. This material is ideal for printing electrical enclosures,connectors and other industrial parts.

                                                                     技术参数表TDS                               物质安全表MSDS



      AquaSol-120 is a FDM alkali-soluble support material, independently developed by Silver3D. Its temperature resistance can reach 120°C, can support ABS, Nylon and PC  printing. Along with the use of Silver3D’s Sol-120, a fast catalytic dissolving agent, you can easily obtain structurally non-destructive parts.

                         技术参数表TDS                                                                                      物质安全表MSDS


      银禧的PPS是一款增韧型改性3D打印材料。PPS一种高性能聚合物,被公认为是最耐化学腐蚀的热塑性材料之一,具有出色的耐化学性以及较高的热和机械性能,耐高温达180℃,本征UL94 V0级阻燃,常用于汽车,化学加工,石油和天然气以及电子领域中。

      Silver3D's PPS is a toughened modified 3D printing material. PPS is a high-performance polymer, recognized as one of the most chemically resistant thermoplastic materials. It features excellent chemical resistance, high heat resistance and mechanical properties, heat resistance up to180°C, and inherently UL94 V0 flame retardant. PPS is commonly used in automobiles, chemical processing, oil and gas, and electronics.

                                                                    技术参数表TDS                                物质安全表MSDS



      ABS-ESD is an advanced ESD-Safe filament formulated for a wide array of applications that requireelectrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. Made using high flow ABS and CNT’s to offer exceptional repeatability and reliability.

      Target surface resistance: 10^6 to 10^9 Ω.

      Made using cutting-edge multi-wall carbon nanotube technology, state of the art compounding technology, and precision extrusion processes.

                                                                                 技术参数表TDS                                            物质安全表MSDS



      With a similarity in structure, ASA has excellent mechanical physical property as engineering plastics. Because the butadiene with double bond is replaced, ASA is given outstanding weather resistance, high temperature resistance and anti-UV performance. ASA's UV-stability makes it an ideal material for outdoor applications that will experience intense exposureto the sun and weather. ASA is used for Auto, Marine, and RV industries for exterior applications such as mirror housings, cowl covers, radiator grills, and sensor housings.

                                                       技术参数表TDS                                                                物质安全表MSDS



      Silver3D Nylon-CF, carbon fiber reinforced nylon copolymer is an engineering grade material that has excellent mechanical and thermal properties. It offers ease of printing in any 3D printer with a heated bed. Also it is commonly used for printing functional prototypes and production parts. It’s easy to absorb water as Nylon. But you can also get a good surface finish after drying.

                                                             技术参数表 TDS                                                                          物质安全表MSDS



      Silver3D’s glass fiber reinforced Nylon 6 Copolymer (PA6) is nothing less than an industrial-grade beast! Formulated to be exceptionally stiff and strong - without being brittle.Polyamides (PA) are the work-horse of  the plastics industry because of their excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal resistance. This is the same type of PA6 used in automotive under-hood applications because it resists fuels,lubricants, heat, PA6-GF is suitable for use on practically any open-source 3D printer with a heated bed.

                                                                      技术参数表 TDS                                                                              物质安全表MSDS

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